Our Goal

We want to support developers in organizations of any size by taking away the burden of everything that is needed to operate a containerized workload.

Every piece of software should be:

  • Deployed without interuptions.
  • Monitored and provide useful metrics to keep an eye on it.
  • Performant.
  • Secure.
  • Resilient.

All these aspects can be categorized under what is called operations. The big difference today is that this needs to happen in close collaboration with the development team (some people call this DevOps). In many cases this is either “pushed” to the developers or done by a separate team (rebranded to the DevOps team).

Our Goal is to let your team focus on providing value to their customers by spending less time on things that are not directly related to their core objectives.

Our Focus

Applications are currently making more and more use of the underlying platform they run on. Services provided by a Public Cloud platform like compute, queues, pubsub, functions, load balancing, scaling etc. can be used in tight collaboration with the application.

Another platform where we at Autops strongly believe in is Kubernetes. It provides the necessary abstractions and building blocks without needing to choose a specific vendor. We focus on Kubernetes without losing sight of the benefits that a Public Cloud can offer.

We truly believe that Kubernetes and its vibrant eco-system is a solid and future proof foundation to build on.

Our Story

AUTOPS is a joint venture between ZOOLITE BV and GINSYS BV . Both have over more than a decade of experience in System Engineering, managing CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure automation, Public Cloud architecture, open-source and so on…

After working both for companies across a broad range of industries they decided to join forces and offer their knowledge and experience as a service…


Serge van Ginderachter


Vincent Van der Kussen